Have you tried it this way?

dad on his dock during a drought
dad on his dock during a drought

As a kid I would lie down on my stomach on the dock and look out over the water. If I caught the right angle, the dock appeared to move forward through the waves. If the sun was setting at the same time the water, the water changed color from orange to pink to gray to black. If the season was winter, black bird flew overhead from the mucky island in the middle of the lake.

In fiction, any place and any time can capture your attention if you look the right way. Have you ever taken a setting that you write about from a particular point-of-view and tried looking at from some where else? What about a character? Is there a particular character you could see differently?

What place do you write about most often and have you seen it from all its possible angles?


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One thought on “Have you tried it this way?

  1. What a gorgeous photo!

    Setting is my favorite thing to write. Maybe because it’s the easiest. I love writing about about small, Southern towns, though I’m not sure I am qualified to do them justice. I live in the South, and I come from a Southern family, but I have not lived here my whole life. I have lived many places, and I’m not sure I really know a small town from an insider’s POV. So, to answer your question, no, I don’t think I’ve seen it from all its possible angles.

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