Be a Star! Everyone’s looking.

telling stories
telling stories

“All she ever does is entertain. She never has a real conversation,” my mom said.

I glanced back over my shoulder at the woman mom was talking about. I liked B. She made me laugh. I was 14.

“It’s a performance every single day,” mom said, walking to the car. “Drives me crazy.”

I didn’t understand what mom was talking about. B. made everyone laugh. People lingered to talk to her. I wanted to be like that. Who didn’t?

Writing is conflicted. You stay alone in your room playing with imaginary people who can’t do whatever you say. Then you seek out attention–if you want publication that is. How easy is it for you to make that switch? If you can’t stand the attention, can you get published?

6 thoughts on “Be a Star! Everyone’s looking.

  1. Writers tend to be stars when no one is looking, lol.

    I’ve got a dread of ever having to do a book tour or appear on camera for any reason. I can do it, but I really dread the necessity. Because I’ll come off like a dope.

  2. (A recent issue of The New Yorker had a hilarious piece by David Sedaris about being on an author tour — I must’ve laughed aloud for 2 or 3 minutes at one line. Registration at the magazine’s site is required to read the whole article, but here’s the link, for what it’s worth.)

    I don’t “mingle” well and, in general, am much more sociable on the page (or screen) than in person — at least until I know someone fairly well enough, past the small-talk stage anyhow. If it became somehow magically possible for me to reach broad audiences via email and chat, and succeed as an author, that’s the way I’d go.

    People like “B.,” here, are a miracle to me. Maybe they can’t commit a single word to print — lack the means or motivation or time — but in my mind, at least, it’d be much simpler for them to move in my direction than vice-versa!

  3. I think my fear is being judged. I have somehow gotten over my shyness enough to not mind the attention. And I actually love to read out loud. And speaking in front of crowds doesn’t scare me since I started speaking in front of teenagers. They’re a lot scarier than adults.

    I like being by myself and living in my own little head-worlds, but then, I like sharing, too.

  4. writtenwyrdd, I know what you mean. If I’m a star, it means my dopiness is shining.

    JES, in this modern age, you probably could tour without leaving home. Think of Margaret Atwood’s pen.

    rowena, I HATE reading my own aloud. I go blind. Really. Lucky for us you like sharing–so go finish that book!

  5. Thrasherthat

    Storytelling picture- Chris noted I really must have looked up to you and J. I still do, and not just because of the height differences. Committing the words from mind to this space-time continuum is a brave act. Write on.

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