What your love says about you.

I’ve asked you what your favorite stories are, but now what do you think your love says about you? Call me crazy, I love Torchwood and my hero is Captain Jack Harkness. What does that say about me?

8 thoughts on “What your love says about you.

  1. I am always happy to get another soul hooked on Torchwood. I haven’t seen this season yet, and so I’m not sure how lost you would be (it comes out this summer!). My guess is that you could follow the main story line but not completely get the relationships. If you go to the BBC America Torchwood site, you can watch clips. That might help.


  2. My favorite story is that has to do with love is an affair to remember gotta love the old cary grant movies…i would say I am a hard core romantic…flowers..holding hands…poems all that stuff..Zman sends

  3. You do know, don’t you, about the sweepstakes — trip for 2 for tours of the English and Welsh settings for Dr. Who and Torchwood?

    It’s here, if you haven’t already been. Heh.

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