Trying to Be Awesome

Dennis Cass is awesome. So, what do you think of his thoughts on giving your book away for free? Read those thoughts here.

I posted this before, but that was a long time ago and I wanted to see it again. Tell me how this makes you feel about the future of your book.

4 thoughts on “Trying to Be Awesome

  1. For all that I love the blog world and have embraced this social networking stuff, I am still holding on to my books and magazines. I don’t know if I can read on a screen. And I’m also kind of holding onto the traditional publishing track for my novel.. not that it’s finished. But in my mind, I see someone walking into a bookstore and picking it up to flip through it, surrounded by tall shelves filled with other words.


  2. Aw, I love that video! How come I didn’t know that guy had a website? I looked at it, and he just seems like the greatest guy. Thanks for linking to him. I need to be more awesome.

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