Do we ever leave the playground?

at the park
at the park

This photograph my mother took symbolizes my mood from over the last few days. If your life right now could be captured on a playground, what would we see? You swinging high or thudding to the ground on the teeter-totter? Dangling from the monkey bars? Zipping down the slide? Bawling over a skinned knee? Playing tag with the other kids? Sitting under a tree with a book? What do you think?

15 thoughts on “Do we ever leave the playground?

    1. Have you seen that animated stick figure cartoon floating around the internet where the stick guy attempting to write his novel begins to pound his circle head on the keyboard until his head becomes a bloody stump? You made me think of that.

  1. andewallscametumblindown

    Waiting for my turn on the swing. I think it’s time to be assertive and get my turn now. ~Miriam

      1. I’d hope the noisy jumpy kid would be you and that you’d tell me a great story as a bribe to get me to come push you on the merry-go-round. I’m very good at pushing merry-go-rounds very fast. I’ve got the knee scars to prove it. 🙂

  2. Sitting under a tree, pretending to read. But actually watching all the other kids having fun doing what (in theory) you’re supposed to do on a playground.

  3. Tom

    Sitting in a swing, twisting and untwisting the chains and watching the world swirl by beyond my sneakers (and probably irritating the heck out of Miriam . . .; )

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