More Credit–Less Angst

I’m throwing myself into my own crash course on screenwriting. Part of the so-called curriculum is watching special features on DVDs–specifically those from movies made from books, interviews with writers, that sort of thing.

In spite of my rampant insecurity and angst, I think this process might be fun. I’m stripping my novel The Labyrinth House down to the dialog and then I’ll see how to rebuild it from there. Adapting my own novel! To meet the MFA application deadline, I don’t have time for something completely new.

Anyway, as I watch and cut and watch and cut, I remembered how much I love the end credits to A Series of Unfortunate Events. You see, this is one of those confessions that cause me stress because I’m sure you will see this and question my judgment, but then again, perhaps it is too late to worry about that.

So, to lighten my mood and forget the angst for a while, I’m posting these credits simply because they make me happy. That’s it. Have a great day!

9 thoughts on “More Credit–Less Angst

  1. They’re like a little movie, in and of themselves. 🙂

    I’m rather fond of the end credits to A Bug’s Life. “*gulp* I think I swallowed a bug!”

    You have a great day too! 😀

  2. Very cool credits. I see why you like them. And ironically, I was just over at Elsa Mora’s blog and saw a papercut that instantly reminded me of your books.
    I think it’s because of the vines growing on the skin. Plus, I think something about the papercut put me in mind of your work. So I wanted to come over here and make sure you’d seen her work. And then I saw the credits.

    I think it’s a good idea to do The Labyrinth House as a screenplay. If nothing else, it will be a great exercise in story telling. But who knows, maybe it will get you in to an MFA. Good luck.

    1. I love Elsa Mora’s stuff. I’ve seen it and been amazed.

      I’ve worked only one day on changing The Labyrinth House and I’ve already learned things. I was dreading it, but now that I’ve started, I think the process will be fun and worthwhile whether or not I get into the UT program.


  3. I watched Wall-E about five times on vacation last week because my daughter loves it. I like this movie, too, but my favorite part is the end credits. It’s a nod to art history that makes me smile.

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and I love your postings about your creative process! Good luck with your MFA application!

  4. Several thoughts that don’t deserve paragraphs in and of themselves, but are important (to me) nonetheless:

    The lines of the artwork in these credits are SO you and the background music could also play in TLH. It could be Mercie’s music for when she touches other people.

    I’ve said it before, but I can’t say it enough- I think turning TLH into a screenplay is an incredibly clever and worthwhile idea. The dialogue is fabulously abundant and the visuals would translate well into screenplay format.

    Raising a glass in toast to your continued pursuit of you and best wishes for the MFA process.

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