Danger. Distraction ahead.


It is difficult sometimes to tell the difference between a tool and a toy. I just got Photoshop…

What toys are distracting you?

15 thoughts on “Danger. Distraction ahead.

  1. O,M,G… *makes magic gestures over crystal ball The middle to long-term future is cloudy, but in the near future I see many late nights for Marta… resulting in many large files… and eyestrain… and overloading of the Facebook and Flickr servers…

    Tools/Toys: email counts, right? and Linux? and a Blackberry? (“Hmm… I wonder if there’s a downloadable app to do X? I better check right now…!”)

    (Seriously. The first Sprint bill after The Missus and I got matching Blackberries, her data usage was in something like tens of thousands of bytes. Mine was in seven figures. Lucky we bought the unlimited-data option!)

    Straight toys: TV counts, right?

  2. TV. If JES is right, that’s the biggest one. Next biggest? My writing software and computer. I mean, here I am on the ‘Net doing this instead of writing.

    And if that ain’t a toy, what is?! 🙂

  3. Miriam

    Internet. No doubt about it. But I’m going through a good period at the moment, trying hard not to discover what everyone is doing with farms on Facebook. And Word Challenge has stopped working for me. Wonderful!

  4. Um, Miriam, the farm is not a distraction, it’s a job. 😉 Actually, I’m less distracted by the farm these days than this stupid D&D game on Facebook. It’s so boring, yet I keep playing it, have no idea why. It’s made to play during other activities, so that you have to check back every ten minutes, keeps it humming in the back of my mind…It’s stupid. I should delete it.

    1. When I’m in a more fanciful frame of mind I imagine that the Internet was put here by aliens from another universe to suck out our brains and render us useless and incapable of defending ourselves. The aliens are laughing at our facebook updates!

  5. pogo..com

    I’m addicted to Word Worm and Poppit. Sucks up hours at a time. The toy has become a good mania predictor, however; when I find myself up at 2 am trying to beat the crumbling red stacks of word on Word Worm so I can just. connect. one. more. letter. to. create. the. word. “scholar”! and make the senior librarian rank, well, then I know I’ve got a bad case of pre-mania OCD. So, not just a toy, a clinical tool. 😉

    I’d be playing with Photoshop, too. Love the way you insinuated the flower into the center of your artwork. Perfect color and shading for its placement.

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