8 thoughts on “Keeping Everything in the Air

  1. I like list. List of Six is a software package based on the idea that most folks can handle accomplishing things in sets of six or less. It’s based on a story about a company which used that principle to get themselves back on track.

    Me, I don’t know. “Learn neurosurgery” can be a list item, but what’re the odds of scratching that one off? I think the important thing is what the items are, keeping them simple. “Enroll in college for a BS in biology” would be a better first step, so it’s all dependent on what the items on the list are.

    I do, however, agree on long lists being intimidating. I think shorter, easier to manage lists — even if it means more of them — is a less frightening prospect for most people.

    All that garbage being said . . . I have ONE ITEM on my list, and I haven’t accomplished it in over a year of trying. *Sigh*

  2. Ack — return of the holiday snowflakes!

    Lists are like one big unhappy guilt trip. One of the things I love about Google Reader, aside from how easy it makes it to see what I have to look forward to in my next block of idle time, is the “mark all as read” feature. I think all lists should come with a “mark all as done” switch. (Except the lists of things I have to write that I’ve been shirking, of course.)

    1. But I like the snow!

      I find other people’s lists interesting. There is some book of lists out there I can’t help but look at. My own lists–are tickets to the guilt train indeed.

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