But I don’t want to write about vampire teens…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I may have nothing worthwhile to say, but literary agent Stephen Barbara does. For all you wannabe bestselling writers, read this.

I have been lazy. I need to get back on that query letter horse and ride until the beast collapses. Whining is for vampires.

5 thoughts on “But I don’t want to write about vampire teens…not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  1. You mean whining is for teenage wannabe vampires.

    The lesson I am taking from Stephanie Meyers is maybe I don’t have freak myself out about making it perfect. I’ve spent so many years writing and writing and writing and fixing and revising and feeling insecure and not good enough to be published, maybe I should stop whining myself and just write/edit/finish my damn books and get them out there into the world.

    Huh. Maybe whining is for unpublished writers who think they could do better than Stephanie Meyers? Sometimes beginning writers, beginning anything don’t know enough to be all verklempt about how hard it is. They just do.

    Me. I just need to do.

    1. Yes. Teenage wannabe vampires. And maybe over 40 wannabe writers.

      But no more whining and more getting stuff out there. The problem here is finding the energy to do so.

      Go do.

  2. Loved that article.

    Put on some more comfortable riding pants and get back on. You’ll never truly rest until you do. You’re special like that. 🙂 And, Goddess knows, the bookstores would be all the richer for having your work on their shelves.

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