If you’re supposed to think out of the box, then why do you love The Container Store?

Well, I love The Container Store even as I note how absurd most of it is. I like any office supply store, too. Bookstores. Anything with paper and other square things.

But I’m wandering down the wrong aisle, because I read about these white boxes at art fairs where artists sell their stuff. I happen to use such a box.

art festival booth

Boring? Ordinary? Come over here and buy something because even artists need to make a living? With so many other things to look at in the world, how do you get a person’s attention?

13 thoughts on “If you’re supposed to think out of the box, then why do you love The Container Store?

  1. I never thought in all my life I’d meet someone else who also loved office supply stores, stationary stores, bookstores, container related stuff stores – ahhhh, heavenly, isn’t it? I could get lost in places like that! And how awesome to find someone else who loves places like that as much as I do!

    How do you get attention? Well, short of going topless, you could try music, or something red – red is supposed to be a wonderful attention getter. 🙂

    1. What is it about office supply stores? But I haven’t found one that matched the charm of the one in my hometown when I was little. Ah, first love!

      I don’t have the curves or the hutzpah to go topless. Ha. The festival will have music, so that will just be too much noise. Red though…red might be the thing.

  2. I LOVE office supplies. When I was the office manager for a photographer, I was in charge of ordering and organizing and USING all the supplies, and I could look at those catalogs forever. I’d like to work in Staples, I think.

    As far as standing out…I have no idea. I usually stand out for the wrong reasons. I’d go with Fal. Using red in your display would really pop against the black and white.

  3. Red? I wonder if red will be as effective this time of year, when there’s SO much of it. Just a thought.

    No, I’m going to cast my vote in the “go topless” camp here.

    Y’know. Just ’cause.


  4. Hahaha.
    The festival is in April, so red won’t be as everywhere as now.

    Most of the ideas I’ve got are time intensive, so I have to decide if they’re worth the extra work–time spent on attention getters instead of art…

  5. i think the best thing is to do something that reflects the artists personality and aesthetic. That booth you show is cool, but not you at all. You could change up the color, that might make things pop, I might go for black, too, to set off the black and white art, but also, you’re all about the narrative. The story. Maybe some vignettes of certain tiny heroes getting into certain art related jams.

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