12 thoughts on “one of those moments

  1. Is it similar to yours? I’d have to go check it out, but I don’t know how much I know about your book. I’d get nervous about that too (if that’s the case). Matter of fact, I worry about that pretty regularly since, y’know, there’s nothing new under the sun and all.

    1. I don’t think it is similar, but a few things about it struck a nerve. Nothing is new under the sun, but I don’t want my not-new work to come right behind someone else’s not-new work. That make sense?

  2. He’s not coming out in the US until Nov.

    I think the world is big enough.

    His is about prison break, at least that was in the tags. If they put his and yours next to each other on the shelf, I’ll turn my nose up at his and buy yours.

  3. If his is about prison breaks, it won’t be shelved within 50 yards of Labyrinth House. That’d be like finding a Janet Evanovich novel next to something by Kafka. (And I’m not deriding JE — her Stephanie Plum books are great fun.)

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the clash of titles (as long as you don’t submit to the same agent or editor, ha). Publication schedules are so out of sync with the actual timetables of life. A friend of ours had a novel published some years ago, title She Flew the Coop. Alas, it coincidentally came out about the same time as the hugely popular She’s Come Undone, by Wally Lamb. To this day I have to stop and think, like, Which one was Michael Lee’s…?

    The point being: there’s plenty of stuff about getting published to make you crazy, without counting what you can’t control. The Labyrinth House is a wonderful novel with a great title!

  4. Sarah

    another thought: there are no women blurbing this book, as far as I can tell. Take what you like from that, but what I take away is that his book isn’t necessarily going to resonate with the other half of the planet…

  5. I hate that. After I started writing my werewolf book, someone told me about another one, set in LA, that she said sounded like mine. I haven’t wanted to even look at it, because I don’t want to be derivative. I hope it’s not too similar. I almost bought it, and then I thought…. wait, I’d better finish mine, first. Grrr.

    But I like your name better.

  6. Rowena, maybe the book sounded like yours, but only you can tell your story. Don’t look at it until you’ve finished with your own book. I can’t believe you’d ever be derivative.

    And thanks.

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