9 thoughts on “You are awesome.

  1. Like DF… All wordpress.com blogs are blocked by my employer (as obvious wastes of time, I guess, although blogspot.com doesn’t seem to suffer). So I can never look at your (or DarcKnyt’s) blogs from my work PC, even though in Google Reader I can see you’ve put a new post up. So I read your (and his) blogs via BlackBerry. Which drove me CRAZY because the BlackBerry can’t display YouTube videos embedded in a blog post. I could see the still version, but not see what Sherri and you were exulting over.

    A long roundabout way to say: this was worth waiting for. THANKS!

    An “about the filmmaker” page (at the site for his most recent documentary) says that, yes, Validation was made in 2006.

    At the bottom of that page are links to his other films, also great. ( Rent-a-Person is connected toValidation, as you will see, in more ways than just who directed them. Wonderful — especially since it was made two years BEFORE Validation!

    Thanks, Marta — this, was, AWESOME. 🙂

    1. The Rent-a-Person was great! Thanks for finding it. And that’s crazy–made before Validation. That is just my favorite kind of thing–connections, overlaps…

      Sorry you can’t see video’s on Blackberry. What is wrong with those people? But glad you came back to watch it.

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