Am on my way to the asylum.

So, because life is short and I’ve got all the time in the world (don’t you?), I’ve signed up for this new challenge– A Story a Day. I’ll write one story a day for the month of May. I’m writing my own fairy tales with a bit of lifting from the Brothers Grimm and whoever else takes my fancy. The stories will be posted at a blog set up just for this–The Fairy Tale Asylum. And I am fully committed.

Let me please remind you before you enter that my room isn’t actually padded and I wrote each story in one day; therefore, watch your step for bloody plot holes, sharp typos, and flawed logic.

6 thoughts on “Am on my way to the asylum.

  1. SUPER DUPER MARTA! I commend you. Looking at it from where I am, it seems impossible to do, but I know it can be done. I know you can do it. All it takes is one day, one story, one sentence, one word at a time.

    Those baby steps can be really empowering.

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