The temper tantrum will begin in 4, 3, 2…

all done in

I’ve been writing a short story every day for the month of May. Really. The quality is questionable, perhaps the endeavor is questionable, but that’s okay. I’ve had this collection of stories in mind for a long time and this challenges gets them out there. Except that I’ve never been sure of myself in short stories. Maybe this practice will help.

What I’ve not been doing is sending out query letters or submitting stories. I want to, but I’m not. Why not? I’d really like to throw a temper tantrum. A real proper fit. Ever feel that way? What do you do?

Thank you internet for providing distractions.

6 thoughts on “The temper tantrum will begin in 4, 3, 2…

  1. I still think the process is the most important part of your short story challenge.

    Maybe it’s the most important part of the querying right now. For you. I mean, the results matter, of course, but maybe it’s more important for you to get out there with those queries and just get into the habit. Maybe there should be challenges for the business side of creatvity, too, not just the artsy part. Maybe we need a query a day month, or 100 entrepeneur baby steps in 100 days, or I don’t know, Everyday Art Seller.

    For me, the business side has always been the hardest part. I’ve always been able to create, mostly. Showing and selling and querying and sending out. That’s my bugaboo.

    1. The business side is tripping me up. Or am I banging my head against it? There’s got to be an expression that fits.. The idea for a query a day… I like that. Yes. I think you’re on to something there.

  2. Oh my gosh! I have so much envy for the fit throwers! People who can throw a plate across a room and not care. Me, I always think, “Someone’s going to have to clean that up and it’ll probably be me, and who’s going to pay for a new plate? I can’t afford that, and besides, it would break up the set.” *sigh* I do nothing but sit and fume. I used to smoke, but now I just sit and fume.

    Friend of mine told me to get a metal garbage can, and super cheap dishes from the thrift store, and throw the dishes into the metal can when I’m upset. I haven’t done it yet, but one of these days when I can get some cheapy dishes, I just might! She said the sound is glorious and fulfilling. 😉

    1. Once I threw my purse. It hit my vase and shattered it. I had to clean up the mess and no longer had a vase (I’ve got plenty of vases now, but I’ll never forget that one). Fits just break stuff I’ve got to fix. ugh.

      In Greece my husband & I were in a family restaurant. The mother & daughter (I think) had a terrible argument in front of everyone. Screaming. Throwing things. And all in Greek. Such tempers. We didn’t know if we should finish our food or run.

      Of course, speaking of Greeks throwing fits…

      Maybe I’ll just remain calm.

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