the list

Going through the notes my mother wrote for her novel, I found a list of chapter titles.

Reality Testing
The FBI, CIA, Mafia, and my .38
His mother, my clothes
His daughter
The Last Christmas
Ballad Harper, The FBI, and the CIA
The Peeping Tom

:the girl in the window
:fire from above
:300 to 500 dead

Thanksgiving Reunion
Tex-Mex Assassination
The Hit-Men of San Antonio
To live & Die an Artist
Meet me at the overpass–6 a.m.
Marriage & Divorce & Bombs
Spies & other friends

I wonder what she meant. Well, the one about the hit men of San Antonio, I think I do.

4 thoughts on “the list

  1. WHOA! I wonder if this plot will feature much in the way of magical happenings. (Or trees, or rabbits, or…)

    I think my favorite item — just on its own terms and ignoring anything I might know (or think I do) about you and your mother — is “Ballad Harper, The FBI, and the CIA.” Especially the “Ballad Harper” part. (And the matter-of-fact tone of your last paragraph above, despite the startling information in it, just cracked me up.)

  2. The one that grabbed my attention was “His mother, my clothes.” Did she catch his mother trying on her clothes? Did he want her to dress like his mother? Did his mother buy her clothes? On the surface, those two items seem unrelated and ordinary, but I think there must be some interesting connection.

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