It elementary–character.

I’ve watched this new Sherlock series–and enjoyed greatly. Since childhood I’ve loved mysteries: Sherlock Holmes, Perry Mason, Agatha Christie,… Scooby-Doo. But anyway, Sherlock is possibly the most filmed literary character ever. What makes this character fascinating? And when I watch the new Sherlock dash across the screen, I wonder about the ability of Sir Authur Conan Doyle to create a character that would last.

Few characters capture imaginations generation after generation. But those few characters people write more stories about, dress as for Halloween, retell again and again. And winning an award doesn’t make your characters loved. Why do we still follow Sherlock Holmes and John Watson? What characters last for you?

4 thoughts on “It elementary–character.

  1. Mr Holmes certainly has stamina! I think part of it is that in the books, we see him through the eyes of Dr Watson, who admires and loves him. I think some of that spills over onto us, as readers.

    Cpt Edward X Delaney is a keeper for me, like Sherlock. Jason Bourne seems to have a certain staying power too. And I think Mitch Rapp will go forward into history like Bourne has.

    1. Darcs, you are spot on about Watson, I think. Maybe it is why Gatsby is fascinating too. Nick Carroway makes us as interested in the man as he is. Hmmm….

      Unfortunately, I don’t know your Mitch Rapp. I’m sort of familiar wit Bourne since I’ve seen the books and trailers, but that’s it.

      Ah well.

      I do love Sherlock–the Jeremy Brett Holmes and the Benedict Cumberbatch Holems.

  2. Sarah

    Marta- have you read the Sherlock Holmes series by Laurie R. King? The main protagonist is a young woman named Mary Russell, who meets and eventually marries, Holmes. The books are spectacular. Mary Russell is his equal in every way, and King gives Holmes a very believable nature, including his relationship with Mary Russell. Such a great idea for a series- wish I’d thought of it!

    1. I didn’t know anything about it, but–and tell me if I’m wrong–is the one about a bee keeper the first one of the series? Should I read them in order? Thank you for recommend.

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