Stories upon Stories

towers my son built--he's 8

I like stories that build on other stories. Lat year, for Story-a-Day-May I wrote a series of fairy tales I called The Fairy Tale Asylum. Not every fairy tale worked, but I liked the challenge and the series–and maybe one of them will be published (maybe not–see previous post–but let’s be optimist!). This year another series is taking shape in my mind, and it involves a graveyard. Damn Neil Gaiman for already using the title The Graveyard Book.

Anyone else up to writing a story a day in May?

9 thoughts on “Stories upon Stories

  1. I’d love to, but don’t think I’ll make it. With so much else going on and the non-fic projects knocking on the door, I seriously doubt I’ll have time. 😦 I miss writing fiction.

    1. It sucks to have no time to write, but it certainly sucks to be unemployed. Sigh. But you don’t have participate in things like this–just write when you can!

  2. I might be tempted to try something like Story-a-Day-May (July ed.). Ha.

    Not sure exactly what your new story-cycle idea might be, but a lot of books (not just Gaiman’s) could have that title. You could always call yours something like The Fairy Tale Burial Ground… I can imagine a whole shelf-ful of books with such titles (and your byline, of course!).

    First time I saw the new theme, btw. I like it. It might surprise someone who knows you only through your art… like One can find bunnies here, yes, but these are bunnies of doom.

    1. Any edition would be good, JES.

      Sure, a lot of books may have that title, but since I’d like readers who read Gaiman to read me–and his book is a huge success–I’m not going to use it. Now, if, say, Nora Roberts had a book with that title, I’d not be concerned because her readers–great as they are–aren’t likely to be my readers.

      Bunnies of doom! Doom Bunnies! YES! Awesome.

  3. Well hmm. If Graveyard Book is out, how about Cemetery Plots? Heh, if you don’t like it maybe Darc might. 🙂 If it’s not been done to death already. Um, didn’t really plan that pun!

    Some people really get motivated by the challenge that things like NaNo and SaD present. Others cave under the pressure to perform to such strict structures. I think there is a lot of merit to doing them, because if you do get published, you’ll have to work with deadlines. Deadlines don’t give a fig about muses and creativity, so it’s good to learn how to work with them. I think so anyway.

    Your stories last year were good – what I got to read of them with the bad Internet connection we had then. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with this year. 🙂

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