Every Damn Day

May is about to fall over and crush me flat. It’s good to see the future!

Anyway, I will participate in Story-a-Day May, and to add a dash of extra madness (because really, whenever you do anything, a dash of extra madness is good) I’ll be trying National Blog Posting Month too! The topic (for NaBloPoMo always has a monthly topic) is maybe. And since it is a big maybe that I get everything done, well, perfect!

My posts–if all goes according to plan–ahem–is to post about what may be happening in the short stories I’m writing. Posts will be short.

And your current projects are?

8 thoughts on “Every Damn Day

  1. the writ and the wrote

    Aye! My current projects: finishing a book for college freshmen, story a day, querying my novel, editing my current pieces for submission and starting a new job on Monday. Not overwhelmed. At all. NOT!

    1. When you say “finishing a book for college freshman” do you mean reading or writing? Also, what is your novel and have you sent many queries out? Good luck on EVERYTHING.

    1. Squirrel, I did the story-a-day thing last year. It was good and bad. But I’m having a story published for the first time ever–and it was written as part of that. So. Must do again of course!

      I don’t always like themes. Depends on the theme and the purpose. Last year I chose a theme for story-a-day (fairy tales) just to keep the project manageable. Or that’s what I thought. Under pressure it gave me a place to start. I did blog everyday before–a very long time ago. But I can’t blog on a theme. My blog has a theme! But for whatever reason, this one appealed to me, and I saw a way to work it into the stories. So. There again.

      As long as you’re writing. That’s the main thing.

  2. Eek. The idea of committing to either a story or a blog post a day gives me the willies. Replace the either-or with both-and and yes, that shuddering mass of plasma on the living-room floor is indeed me.

    I do write something every day. I wish it were always something in the WIP but apparently occasional blogging is an unbreakable habit. There’s got to be a sidebar badge for us flea-minded folks.

    1. I participated in blog every day a couple years ago. Every month since I’ve gotten the next month’s theme in my email, but for whatever reason never really wanted to put forth that effort again. This time–oh, this time-it just got me at the right moment. Maybe?! Yeah, I can do that.

      And no one, least of all me, wants to see you a shuddering mass of plasma. You wouldn’t be able to type. (All that shuddering plasma is sure to gum up your keyboard.)

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