Maybe There Are Ghosts

You may believe in ghosts.

I’ve never seen one. My mother thought she might have seen one–although not on the night she spent in the cemetery. Maybe this is why I’m interested in graveyards. My mother spent the night in one, and how many people can say that about their mother?

Now my mother dead, and maybe she’s a ghost. If so she hasn’t visited me. Her ashes were scattered over a lake in our hometown. Perhaps ashes can’t make ghosts.

Anyway. I’m writing stories about ghosts and graveyards for Story-a-Day. Today’s excerpt is at the imaginary lake.

What do you think about ghosts?

5 thoughts on “Maybe There Are Ghosts

  1. I’ve never seen one, either. On the other hand, I have seen something that looked like what might or might not have been evidence of one’s remotely possible interaction with the physical world. (Did I qualify that enough?!?)

    Good, very entertaining book on the subject: Spook, by Mary Roach (one of my favorite non-fic authors; her books are funny as well as educational!).

  2. I have actually seen ghosts and have pictures of them…. at least I think they are pictures of ghosts. So yes I believe there is something to ghosts… now for what a ghost is, I don’t know.

    1. When my mother spent the night in a cemetery, she took with her (and her friends) and infrared camera. Lights are on the film that weren’t in the cemetery and that can’t be explained. That’s all I’ve seen. THe idea of ghosts fascinates me though.

  3. I absolutely believe in ghosts. I don’t see them, but I know they are there all the same. Recently, when writing from my great-grandfather’s point of view in my novel, I got the sense he was shouting at me over my shoulder. Perhaps he didn’t like what I had to say! In any case, when it happened I was alone in the house and the dog stood beside my chair and went ballistic.

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