Maybe the Ending Is All Wrong

This story may best be forgotten.

I have no perspective.

How do you get perspective? How do you judge your own work? I can’t get a handle on my own neurotic, self-obsessed spinning.

But what makes a story a success? When you read a story, how do you know this one works but this one fails?

The ending for today’s Story-a-Day gave me fits. Well, I’m happy with what my characters do. I’m not so happy with the words I used to tell (show!) what they do.

Well, ten days of stories and of blogging down…

3 thoughts on “Maybe the Ending Is All Wrong

    1. Well, yes. But when you want to share a story–why is that? Will you still love a story if the plot is weak but the characters are compelling? Or the other way around? Does the idea of the story count as much as the style of writing? Think of three stories you love. What is it about them that captured your heart?

  1. the writ and the wrote

    For me, I will be able to deem a story a success when it gets published. Until then, I just write, edit and submit A LOT.

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