No Maybe about This Baby

I may be excited.

my art of the imaginary lake

No. Definitely.

I have story and my art published over at Scheherezade’s Bequest! Please take a look.

The online journal has lots of great stories and links.


And as always, I’m putting up some of my other stories over at The Imaginary Lake.

Thanks to everyone who has encouraged and supported me. And you keep writing too.

4 thoughts on “No Maybe about This Baby

  1. Wahoo! indeed.

    Love that story. Inexplicably strange, even violent reactions to everyday objects is one of my favorite things to read about. 🙂


    1. Oh, was that real money I supposed to pay you back with? I thought it was in copies.

      And I don’t know about fulfilled. Maybe a-fraction-filled. Confidence boosted perhaps a notch. There is always that panic that this will be the only story published ever…

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