Rejection Is Funny

BBC Channel 4 seems to take issue with sharing videos—-silly folks—-but whatev because you should see this clip on dealing with rejection. The bit about “sucking out your eyes” was particularly funny to me.

I’m getting ready to send more stories out into the world of literary journals. Either a story will be rejected (likely!) Or I’ll get more letters for my Halloween costume.

Yes, I’m already thinking Halloween. I’m going to clip rejection letters to my clothes. That’s right. I’m going to be Rejection for Halloween!

Keep your sense of humor, people. Life is absurd.

2 thoughts on “Rejection Is Funny

  1. Pretty funny.

    When the WIP finally starts making the rounds — which it will do, I swear, sometime between here and the temporal horizon — I’m not going to say anything about the process online. Total silent running. International Man of Mystery (North Florida branch).

    Unless and until, of course, it’s sold. I’m still working on the fireworks order for that.

    Did you see Nathan Bransford’s post yesterday about rejection?

    1. From what I know of Florida, you’re also saying that the International Man of Mystery branch has only one member. And only one branch.

      I subscribe to Nathan’s blog. At this particular moment I’m less bothered by rejection and more bothered by vitriol and snobbery… but I’m just trying to write well.

      Everything else makes me want to suck out my own eyes…if that were possible.

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