4 thoughts on ““Now which way do we go?”

  1. “She had been asleep for just a few minutes — so it seemed to her — but the saplings in the clearing had somehow all grown to full-size trees. The ground had shifted. Fewer wild animals scampered along the paths, but more birds flew overhead.

    “She must have been out for quite a while.

    “She blinked. What should she do? Did it make a difference? How would things be different if she set off this way instead of that way?

    “It suddenly occurred to her that there was no way of knowing in advance. If she wanted to survive, let alone thrive, she had to move. She just had to pick a direction and go, and trust that she’d meet up with people to help her along the way (until she fell asleep again :)).”

  2. The attenuation of your muse of inspiration means it’s time for a vacation which will result in alleviation of your situation. This is not a time for disillusion, vacillation, or alternation because this obfuscation presents a unique opportunity for introspection, reflection and a search for inner illumination. In it’s own time, inspiration will come and be a celebration causation. Renewed determination and prolific artistic expression will result in audience acclimation and captivation . Enjoy the vacation – your muse will surely return a hundred fold and your culmination will be filled with gratitude, consolation and appreciation.

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