Brimming Over

don’t stay in the cup

Sometimes the mind just brims over with ideas. Do you ever have trouble deciding what to focus on or what to pursue?

I’m going to pursue as many as I can.

One is the idea of a princess detective. I want to try to write a princess that isn’t what most people think. I’m writing about her over at The Fairy Tale Asylum.

Another idea goes back to my love of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks and Agent Dale Cooper. Cooper is one of my most favorite characters on television ever. Twice readers have said that my writing reminded them of Twin Peaks! I don’t know why since I don’t have a murder nor do I write about the northwest, logging, or the FBI–but my character do drink a lot of coffee.

Anyway, I’ve started another blog for a character in love with Agent Dale Cooper and determined to find him in the real world. For her travels and travails, read searching for Agent Dale Cooper. If you want to help her find her man, feel free to leave a comment.

I’ve got an art show coming in October as well. Projects will be posted over at Words Are Art.

And finally, there is always facebook.

What projects are you juggling in life?

8 thoughts on “Brimming Over

  1. You have the coffee, but is there any pie?

    I just added another book idea to the hopper last night, and there wasn’t even any David Lynch music playing (there often is at my house). I’m all over the board: another fantasy, a WW2 drama, a book about a dog… Nothing that ‘sounds’ as interesting as Agent Cooper or princess detectives (I have two princess sister rivals in my trilogy, so I’m a bit princessed-out for now), but they’re exciting to me.

    Have fun choosing, Marta!

    1. Oh, someone else who appreciates David Lynch music! Well, certain ideas may sound interesting–doesn’t mean they will be interesting of course. Here’s hoping.

      I can understand getting princessed-out. I don’t have any other ideas for a princess after this.

      And what really matters is that you’re excited about the work your doing. You need that or what hope does the reader have?

  2. I like the princess detective idea and the searching for Dale Cooper idea. I’m always juggling too much. My long neglected novel 😦 , my art work and etsy shop, my blog, my job, and as always, my kids. I’m getting frustrated with the amount of total attention they require and looking forward to September, when they will BOTH be in full time school. ALMOST THERE.

    1. I am so with you on the school thing. The amount of attention…it’s exhausting. But you’ve got great ideas…I hope you get back to your novel. You’ve a real voice there.

      Oh and Etsy. I tried an etsy shop. I couldn’t juggle that too. I’ve neglected it.

      Well, we shall dance when September comes around!

  3. I may need to do some (figurative) dancing in September, too. I’ve entered a phase at work where I am — after a couple years of having too little work — suddenly having too much. (Hence, my relative invisibility these days.) Tech details too boring to relate, but it will last for a couple of months (or more). And then I hope I can go back to ostensible boredom.

    I say “ostensible” because, of course, the things I do because I want to are way more entertaining than the things I’m merely paid to. 🙂

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