Plum Monday: Perspective

The troubles in the world overwhelm some days. My own troubles take enough energy, don’t you think?

Well, not really. I mean, they take lots of energy, but I don’t have to worry about if I will eat. Perspective. Perspective may be one of the most commonly lost things.

It’s late. Do you know where your perspective is?

Well, someone I know who seems to have a great perspective on important things is Niamh Clune. She is organizing a book for a cause–Songs of Sahel. Here is a cause. Yes, causes flood the world and where to begin? Well, begin here.

Sahel. You could submit a piece (story,poem, art, photography) or maybe later buy the book. Share the title when the book is released. It wouldn’t take much to matter to someone. How important it is is a matter of perspective.

Anyway, once I get my laptop back (from an unfortunate fall), I’ll submit something too.

What’s your cause?

6 thoughts on “Plum Monday: Perspective

  1. Well said, Marta! It is a question of perspective. We complain about too much rain, when others are dying for lack of it, or not enough time, when. for others, time is, literally up. Thank You for your solidarity.

  2. I am just now catching up on many of the wonderfl blog entries. I posted on my SOS on my FB. I thought the request was for poetry, which I don’t write. And, I’ve been initimidated by the excellent pieces. Marta your piece was very good. This cause is important and we desperately need a paradigm shift — it may grow out of something unexpected. Will try my hand at writing something, but won’t promise. Have been deaing with my aunt in recent weeks – she passed Sunday. Caught up with family. But, will try. I do applaud your efforts and SOS wlll have an impact!

    1. Thank you for reading and for your comment. Don’t be intimidated. I don’t know but either your writing is better than you think or even if it isn’t, that is okay too. There’s no way to get better at writing other than by writing. And with this blog entry I deleted at least four other efforts. And I’d be happy to go back and make changes here too.

      Sorry to here about your aunt. Loss throws us off course–and sometimes in a better direction. You just don’t know when there is change.

      But try writing something. You don’t have to submit it, but you might be happy you wrote something.

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