A Plum Heart

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Today a new friend in my life puts her heart out into the world. Her heart should be lifted up and celebrated.

Well, perhaps every heart should be.

Forgive the potential sappiness. But sometimes sappiness is okay. We don’t have to be all edges and armor every day of the week.

(Anyway, I don’t know why black holes exist in space any more than I know why black holes exist in some human hearts, but those lost souls–the ones that suck in and destroy everything that comes too close are a problem for another day.)

As I was saying, the determined and caring Niamh Clune, author and founder of Plum Tree Books, is putting out a very heart-filled project today. Niamh has a great deal of personal experience with the drought and troubles in the Sahel in Africa.

You can find out more about events here and even more about the work Niamh is doing on The Plum Tree Blog.

Art is part of the solution too. Plum Tree is hosting an art auction–and one piece of mine is included along with several other beautiful pieces (I’d buy the Geisha right now if I could). The auction is the 16th.

And then there is music. A live radio show by the talented Claudio Fiore will be (is) in progress to support the auction and the book. Music is available to buy as well.

Oh. And the book. The book!! A book of poetry, stories, essays, and art is for sale. Song of Sahel. My art is in the book and a poem. Well, a sort of poem. A few tiny words to go with the art.

The proceeds go to help the people of the Sahel. Niamh has written more movingly (and knowledgeably) than I can, so if you go to the blog or the Plum Tree site, you can read the history and about the organizations that are helping in the region. Or if you have any questions, please ask.

Niamh has put heart and effort into this project. It’s an important cause and maybe you could do something to help. At the very least, share the word. The more people that know, the better.

Wow. I hope I covered everything.

Thank you!

7 thoughts on “A Plum Heart

  1. Great what you said about Niamh. She deserves all the praise for bringing this project to our attention and has been working on it for 5 hard long months pf working long hours sometimes 24hrs a day. Sahel means a great deal to her. It is very special that you posted this on your blog. You are a good person for noticing how large a heart Niamh Clune has and her generosity of spirit. Loved what you said. Jennifer

  2. Love the sentiment pouring out of your heart, Marta. I don’t think it’s mushy at all. You’re right. Too many of us harden our edges, or… plastify them or something. Now’s not the time to be sleek or smooth, I agree with you. Now’s the time to demonstrate how we care, and take our turn putting our hearts out there.

  3. cherduncombe

    This is a marvelous tribute to the beautiful heart of Niamh Clune. What she has accomplished in creating the event for Song of Sahel is an almost incomprehensible feat and done in complete love.

    Beautifully done article!

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