And this and this and this…

an effort to draw a horse
an effort to draw a horse

A person is supposed to try new things, right? Like a year and a half ago I began speed quad skating. I thought it was a crazy thing to do, but now I love it.

In art, I’ve drawn a few things I didn’t think I could. Like a whale and a tiger. (Not together, mind you.) But I’m taking a break from art shows. I need something different to justify another show.

I want to try a comic. Or graphic novel. Whatever you prefer to call it. I have these two characters–Ink and Mirabelle–who are bunnies. Maybe I loved Watership Down too much as a kid. The story lines wouldn’t be about action, just their relationship. Maybe that’s boring? But Ink loves Mirabelle but Mirabelle being up on the moon more than she loves being on the earth with Ink. He tries so hard to persuade her to come back to him.

Ink and Mirabelle
Ink and Mirabelle

And I want to write a series, but I’m not sure about that. Mostly I like the idea of being able to follow a character for more than one book. Creating a world and being able to go back there time and time again. The manuscripts I have written do take place in the same town (mostly), and some of the characters overlap. A main character in one story is a secondary character in another, and then has a tiny walk-on part in yet another. Maybe that can get too twee, but if I feel the character belongs there, I love doing that.

And I would love to try animation. Unfortunately, I don’t have the equipment for that. I’ve tried a few things, and they’ve been okay as far as experiments go, but they aren’t what I want to do really.

I’ve made a few handmade books. I definitely want to make more, but I can’t manage to sell them and they cost money to make. So they aren’t practical.

Wait. Is any of this practical?

I thought not.

Oh well. There’s too much to do, and I’ve got a book to edit for publication first.

What projects would you like to tackle? Anything you dream of doing?

11 thoughts on “And this and this and this…

    1. Oooo. Hmm. I don’t have any advice on that. Do you edit academic papers at all? For a while years ago I got my name on a grad school website, and I edited several dissertations and such. The demand was highest around the end of term. Anyway, maybe you do that already, but that is my only experience with editing. Good luck!

  1. Your list reads like my list. I have some graphic/illustrated novels started. Stories started. Drawings in progress. Novels almost done. Keep doing all of your stuff – your art is absolutely wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Juliette. And I’ll keep on trying it all because I’d go mad otherwise.

      Wel, I might go mad anyway, but if I have to go mad, I’d rather go mad pursuing my art rather than ignoring it.

  2. I want to get my completed series through the second editing process. I want to get the second series finished. And I’d like to pick up some more freelance editing and reading jobs.

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