Presents and Ungiven Things

My mind keeps coming around to the Christmas presents. Many parents have bought presents for their children and hidden them away somewhere in the house. Maybe these presents are already wrapped. Maybe not.

It’s hard to think of the parents who will, eventually, take those presents from their hiding places but who will no longer have their child.

6 thoughts on “Presents and Ungiven Things

    1. Even the adults there were someone’s kid. When you’re a parent, it won’t matter if your child is 5 or 50. They’re your child all the same. It is hard to comprehend how these families will piece their lives back together. I imagine this will lead some to drink, to divorce, to despair. And every Christmas will be darker than it ever ought to be. It is sad and frightening really.

      1. Brianna Soloski

        Absolutely. I wasn’t negating any of the deaths. I know so many people who are having babies in the coming months and it scares me that those children are coming into such a messed up world.

  1. Oh, Brianna, I didn’t think you were negating anything. I was worried I was. And as a mom, yes, it is scary to send a child out into the world. But in reality, in spite of the events we see endlessly brought up on 24 hour news, the world is less violent than it used to be. I worry anyway. Though. Worry, worry, worry.

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