Make the New Year

The beginning of a new year seems to demand the saying of something profound. If I were really smart I could say something that would get pasted into a cool pic and memed around facebook. (Well, my first problem is that meme isn’t even a verb. Should be at this point though, don’t you think?)

Neil Gaiman Addresses the University of the Arts Class of 2012 from The University of the Arts (Phl) on Vimeo.

I assume (yes, that’s right, I dare to assume) that if you’re reading this blog at all then you’re also a writer or artist. So, what else is there to say but go make something? Go. We should all spend more time making things. I don’t really understand people who don’t want to make anything.

Make a picture, make a cake, make something with yarn and sticks, make someone happy.

So, the year begins and what will it bring? Any predictions? What will you make?

4 thoughts on “Make the New Year

  1. Oh, “to meme” DEFINITELY needs to be a verb. I’ve read a couple of things along these lines recently, not about, er, meming but involving nouns and verbs. In one, the writer (a philosopher/psychologist) said that we mistakenly claim that so-and-so “has a good memory.” He said research shows memory is not something we HAVE but something we DO. He said we’d more accurately say, so-and-so “is a good rememberer.” The other one (which I’m still reading) is a long report of why (if the question even makes sense) there is something in the universe, as opposed to nothing. (Apparently this is a question which has bugged great thinkers for ages, with later generations poking holes in the tidy conclusions drawn by earlier ones.) One of the philosophers he quotes was German, and apparently though quite a bit about what nothing might really mean in the first place. One of his conclusions, in the English translation, was the hard-to-simplifiy sentence, “Nothing noths.”

    No predictions here, no, and I’ve decided that something counts as a resolution only in retrospect– once you’ve DONE it. (Otherwise, it’s just a pretty story with all the verbs in the future tense.) But I will say that I hope to focus on one big creative project this year. Not exclusively — my mind jumps around too much — but simply selecting one thing, and developing it fully (if not finishing it), would feel immensely rewarding.

    You’re right: it’s very difficult to understand people who insist that they don’t make anything, can’t make anything, and possibly that they don’t even want to make anything. Like, huh?

    1. One way or another if we are making things, we are probably ruining things. I mean, you can’t interact with the world and not do something.

      Memory is more something a person does. Hmm. Nothing noths is a phrase I want to think about.

      And good luck with the new year and whatever the one big project might be.

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