hiding in the Peace Corps
hiding in the Peace Corps

You have to wonder why anyone would spend so much time writing a book, pitching that book, and bringing that book to market if that same individual was going to hide when one someone actually mentioned reading the book. Kind of silly.

But I admit to doing that. It is exciting and weird to have my novel out in the world. Thanks to all you readers out there. If you say something, I promise not to run away.

3 thoughts on “Hide!

  1. I’m about to order that book right now! Congratulations 🙂 Hopefully, you can give me some advice when it’s my turn! Yikes!
    In the meantime, I nominated you and your blog for the Sunshine Award, partly because your blog is wonderful, partly because I would love to hear your answer to my questions! 🙂 http://susannahfriis.com/

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