The 2nd Bite of Bacon! The Long Journey To Paperback!!!

My publisher, Plum Tree Books, writes a bit about the process of bringing a book out into the world. Writing may be solitary, but publication takes a village. Thanks to everyone who helped, and thank you to everyone who helps the book continue its journey.

Niamh Clune

It is HERE! The paperback version of Marta Pelrine-Bacon’s Book: The Blue Jar! test cover 3 gradient

Marta has always wanted to hold her book in print. Well! Now, she is. And even if I must say so myself, I am delighted not only with Marta’s great story, but with the book’s velvety look and feel!

We all know how much work goes into the writing of a book. But do we know how much work does into its production? Writing is the first stage, but then comes the rest: the editing process, which is exhausting for the author and exhaustive for the editor!

Every sentence must be combed through for flow, syntax, vocabulary, punctuation, grammar, verb usage ~ subject/verb agreement and verb tense. Then there’s adjectives, adverb/verb agreement, neologisms (if used, do they add to the story?) Spelling, sense, shadow words, repetition, dialogue being consistent with various characters, accents, era and setting ~ all must be…

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