Story Corner With Dr. NanaPlum: Wollee The Worm

I illustrated a series of children’s books. And they are here.

Niamh Clune Wollee The Worm loves the things we waste and bin!

Yes! You can write a story about anything! Wisley Gardens continues to invite me to be a guest author during the summer school break. Next time, I will be reading Wollee The Worm. After all. bees and butterflies get all the press. But everything in the garden serves a purpose, including how Wollee-the-Worm helps bring food to our table. He does a very important job helping soil to breathe ~ making it rich and healthy for growing things.

I have added some new features to these little books. My aim with the Pa Dug & Rosie series all along has been to bring poetry to science. To this end, I have added a quiz and some fun facts to the books that tell another story alongside the rhyme, rhythm and onomatopoeia! Little learners can learn to enjoy the fun of words as well as love the story that Science…

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