Writing for the Dead or the Living

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The Obituarist's Diary

At the Burying Point in Salem, Mass. At the Burying Point in Salem, Mass.

What would people say about you after you die? What do they remember about you?

We talk about legacies and making a difference, but do you think you’ve left either of those things?

The things people remember about you might come as a surprise. They might not.

A few months ago, I decided to write obituaries for living friends. They weren’t true obits, of course. No one had a cause of death for one thing. Well, except for one friend who asked me to come up with one. I gave her a heroic death.

If we can’t go peacefully in our sleep, wouldn’t me want to go saving the world? Or at least saving one life?

Anyway, I wrote obituaries for my friends. Two friends asked for completely fictional obits. A few friends wanted their obits to be mostly true, but with a…

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