Some of us have reached another holiday.


Not everyone loves Christmas. Not everyone celebrates this holiday. Not everyone lives where Christmas falls in winter. Not everyone is happy during this sparkling, partying time of year.

Some souls who were here to celebrate last year, are not with us this time around. And some of us who are rejoicing now will not join in again. Some of us are new to holiday, arriving in the world just this year. And people who do not exist today will be too young to care about baubles and gifts next Christmas.

That suicide rates spike this time of year us is a myth, but that doesn’t mean many of us don’t find the season challenging. I’ve read many Facebook posts lamenting forced gaiety, family time, and commercialism. Just this morning, Christmas Eve, I listened to tragic and horrifying stories on the radio. No season exists when human beings can’t be awful to one another.

I enjoy Christmas in spite of its flaws. I enjoy time with my family. I enjoy decorating–pretty, glittery things!. I enjoy Christmas lights on long winter nights. I enjoy beautiful cards and gift wrap and ribbon. I don’t enjoy most Christmas movies, but I love the Doctor Who Christmas special. I hate cooking but I love baking chocolate crinkles for friends.

And no season exists when human beings can’t be kind to one another. The radio has stories of giving and saving and laughing too.

I don’t need a holiday to wish you all good things. No matter what calendar you follow, no matter where you are, I wish all the days to follow are bright and filled with happiness. And when they aren’t, because they won’t, I wish you strength and friendship. I’m glad we’re here.

4 thoughts on “Some of us have reached another holiday.

  1. Loved what you wrote. It touches all the edges of Christmas and this time of year. I love the feelings it brings and the magical moments. Have a Joyful New Year and beware of the darker moments. You will make it through, I am sure. 🙂

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