The Imaginary Invitation

2014-02-22 15.27.55-2 copyinvite

I like to stay home with my family, my dogs, my writing, and my art. Venturing into crowds enlivens for a while. Then I need to stay home for a week. But what if I had invitations to perfect events?

Let’s start the year off with the ideal festival for books. Here’s what I would plan. Your suggestions are welcome.


Festivities begin at the 10 a.m. hour. Children’s stories read on the lawn. Butterflies fluttering nearby, of course. Tea and cakes to make Alice and the Mad Hatter proud.

There’s a story for everyone. A high romance at the height of the afternoon and later a story of burlesque told from the trapeze. Comics and fairy tales, humor and memoir, and every story in between. A murder mystery will see in the evening and tale of horror will end the night at the edge of the woods.

Refreshments will be available for every story, and musicians and magicians will play during the breaks. Surprises await.

And every attendee will go home with a story to tell.

What author would you most like to see at our event?

Thanks for reading!

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