Art for Skate

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I write. I make art. I also send my son to speed skate competitions. My son hopes to attend the national speed skating competition this summer. With hard work, good luck, and a little help from the friends far and wide, we might raise the money to send him to Lincoln, Nebraska where he’ll skate for Texas Speed. Fingers crossed!

Of course, I always want to sell my art because I’m an author and an artist. And as hard as it is sometimes to say goodbye to my creations, they’re really rather sad creations if they do nothing more than languish in my cluttered office. The work needs a home. Our budget needs help.

I have my site where I sell my art over here. Things are on sale! Share it if you’ve a mind to. Keep it in mind for the future.

My son is training hard, going to practice Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings and Saturday and Sunday mornings.  That’s a lot of skate!  (I’m certain he’ll be able to outrun the zombies in the apocalypse.)


Thanks for your support!

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