Violence-ophilia: Diagnosis and Treatment.

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Violence-ophilia? Is that a word? Seems as if it should be. It’s a virus, right?

Sorry, Earth Humans. You’ve tested positive for the often fatal Violence-ophilia. Without treatment, prognosis is grim. Nonetheless, treatment is long and painful and not for the faint of heart.

Step One:
Accept diagnosis. Many patients prefer not to know.

Step Two:
Understand another person’s perspective. An obvious symptom of Violence-ophilia is persistent hallucinations that others are beasts, animals, insects, or devils. Do you see your fellow humans as such? It’s an early sign of the virus. Seek help immediately.

Step Three:
Listen to other’s people experiences. The virus often tricks patients into confusing hearing with listening. One simple test is whether you’ve ever changed your mind after another human being has shared a story of her or his experience. Are you having trouble understanding other people’s stories? If you’ve never changed your mind, you may have Violence-ophilia cells fighting healthy doses of perspective.

Step Four:
Shed deeply held beliefs. Many patients report this is the most painful aspect of the treatment process. Patients are encouraged to bear in mind that many human beings are born into toxic environments through no fault of their own. Often these toxins are difficult to see. Certain myths persist in all human habitats and contribute to the proliferation of Violence-ophilia.

Violence-ophilia is often easy to ignore, and its consequences are often underestimated. It is a clever disease, deluding its victims into dangerous, deadly acts. Please note, Violence-ophilia does not die with its host, but, in fact, is frequently spread by death and destruction. Violence-ophilia thrives in a blood-soaked environment. Help protect against infection by speaking out against injustice and diagnosing symptoms early. Early detection saves lives.

Do you have a story of overcoming Violence-ophilia? What suggestions do you have for preventing infection? Together, we can get this disease under control.

Good luck.

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