It’s Raining.

3 Fish and a Mermaid copy.jpg

In a few days, I have another art show! Shows never feel any less exciting or anxiety inducing, but each time I try to do something different. At my reception, I’ll be giving away new things: bookmarks, stickers, and magic spells. Well, we could call them magic spells for fun or quirky, motivational-esque poems. It’s fine either way.

As I live in Texas, today is a very wet day. My area isn’t flooded, so we’re lucky. The forecast predicts rain all week. Tree branches are down in the yard. The driveway is a pond. But the electricity is still on (fingers crossed) and we have plenty of food. Wishing all the souls south of here, human and otherwise, safety throughout the storm.

Though I wish that to life everywhere, whether the storm comes in hurricanes, war, or emotion. May we all find safety.

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