Welcome to October


Every October I wish I lived somewhere with a real fall when days arrived with sweaters and boots and autumn leaves. It did drop to below 90 here, so that was something. And I convinced myself I felt a hint of cool on the breeze.

Regardless, October is here and magic is coming. I’m dedicating the month to witches, spells, and spirits. Halloween is coming.

In other news, I was able to participate in a hurricane fundraiser. It was a local event, with artists and craftspeople selling their wares for the cause. It’s nice to know some of my necklaces are now being word out in the world and I could add a bit of money to help out the victims of Harvey. Of course, since I agreed to take part, more hurricanes have wrecked havoc. It’s stunning and horrible the devastation. If I really had a magic wand, I’d wave it over hurricane ravaged islands. Hell, for that matter, I’d wave it over the world.

Welcome to October. May there always be magic in the air.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to October

  1. Aging Ophelia

    October is one of my three favorite months. We do have chilly air, in fact colder at night now than the cat is comfortable with, but I personally feel both more energetic and more contemplative than in September, which is like a warming-up for action time for me. Happy Fall, Marta!

  2. Oooh — a whole month of “witches, spells, and spirits”?!? (Don’t wipe yourself out, though — presumably you’ve got NaNoWriMo skulking about on your calendar, waiting to ambush you. Ha. (Ha?))

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