An Angel in the Parlor

for Christmas17

The angel rarely sleeps. She sleeps only when she needs a dream or two or wishes to shut out the loud and screaming world. On this winter night (winter in the northern half of the planet that is), after the many souls have gone to bed and the stars shine at their best, she stops in to a welcoming parlor and asks for coffee. No sugar and cream this time. She wants to be sharp and awake as there’s so much work ahead. Brew her a fresh pot of coffee and offer it in your best coffee cup. Promise to do good wherever you go. Stand up against hate and ignorance. Ease her burden. She’s here to save the world, but even her wings get tired.

How many different angel stories are there?

There’s the fallen angel, right?
And the angel that delivers a message to Mary.
But those aren’t my kind of angels.
There are the terrifying Weeping Angels in the Doctor Who universe who send you back in time but do not bring you back.
Some angels are comical and have to work for their wings by saving the life of George Bailey. Definitely not the angel that revealed itself to Laura Palmer.
Other angels fall in love with a human being, perhaps the ultimate in star-crossed.
And to go in an entirely different direction, there are angels that stop crime for a guy named Charlie, and angels who strut down runways in lingerie. Angels of the more earthly variety.
Perhaps you have an angel on your shoulder? Or an angel watching over you?
Apparently there are places angels fear to tread. What exactly do these angels have to fear?

I like angels because they fly. I like butterflies and black birds too. And I like them for their fancifulness, like unicorns and time travelers.

You would think people would respond with wonder if an angel appeared, but probably not. An Gabriel Garcia Marquez explores here.

You could even make yourself into an angel if you wish. Just see The Crooked Feather.

What’s your favorite angel story?

Thanks for reading!

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