A Story for the Sky

I had a fairytale published over at Enchanted Conversation. Click over to read, and read the other stories too. Leave a comment. Share. All those things help.

They even made a cover for my story! Which was a pleasant surprise.


In my excitement about having a story published and finding a nifty site to make videos, I decided to make a video using some of the first lines of my story. You can see the results above. I’m using the free version of Lumen5, which definitely has its limits. But it is the free version, after all, so I’m complaining, just explaining.

Certain things about the video, I can’t control. The way the text appears and disappears, and the way the images transition from one to the next, I can’t do much about. I assume the paid version would allow more say in that. I don’t really know. Limitations aside, the video was fun to make. I plan on discovering the extent with which I can play with the free version. In any event, thanks for coming by and reading and watching!

UPDATE: It seems Fairytale Magazine & the Enchanted Conversation have vanished from the Internet. I am disappointed, but am sharing the story here on my site now instead.

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