Story-a-Day Is Coming!

black and white with gold

I’ve been drawing a lot of pictures of women with their eyes closed. Or maybe one eye is open, looking to the right as if something over there needs watching over. Not sure if anything should be read into that.

But in other news, I’ve decided on major rewrites to my current manuscript. Rewriting involves staring at the page. Maybe that’s why I draw closed eyes.

Also, next month will be Story-A-Day May! I love that writing challenge. I’ve been participating since the beginning to some extent or another. Each year, I like to have “an angle,” so to speak. The first year I wrote fairytales. The next year I wrote love stories. Another year I wrote novel chapters. And another year I wrote stories of time travel. And this time around?

Well, I’d like my current manuscript to be a series. So, I think I’m going to get ahead of myself and write a series of stories for my characters as if I were writing a TV serial. Mostly I want to figure out where these characters are going over the long term.

I started the story as my own version of Doctor Who. Which may make no sense since the characters are not time travelers and no one regenerates (not as far as I know anyway). But I meant it as two space travelers running around saving worlds. I thought one character would be the hero (or heroine as the case may be) and the other her companion. But they’ve become more equal in my own writing. And they exist in what you might call a parallel universe.

But in these rewrites, who knows what will happen!

I might post pieces of the stories here. We shall see.

Thanks for reading!

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