Story-a-Day May. In a hurry.


I barely have time to write about how I don’t have time. Today’s prompt was for a newsflash. I decided to go back to my novel-in-progress for an idea. And it is possibly the most poorly proofread piece ever.

Thanks as ever for reading. Must dash.

Earth Girl Wins Space Lotto!

Mexitonio, Earth—Miracle June Delphine, 22, the youngest daughter of Bless Far and Zeal Nathanial, won the much talked about, once-a-century lottery. When approached for comment, Ms Delphine stated she was “just as surprised as anyone” and refused to speak further on the matter.

The Space Lotto has been plagued by rumor and criticism since its debut six months back. District Governor Shay assured constituents that the lottery system was in full working order and certified by the highest offices. Shay noted lottery documents are available to the public as per the freedom of information statute of 2539 (with necessary privacy redactions as per privacy statute 2541) in the proper offices (requests for exact office address may be sent to your local area leader). Please note, proper identification and inquiry documentation must be submitted in full before office admittance.

As widely reported, every member of the population with a university degree and between the ages of twenty-two and thirty-four were required to buy a ticket at their own expense, though it is speculated that the winner will have her expenses reimbursed. Exact numbers are not being made available, but sources estimate as many as six million tickets may have been sold.

Our winner, Ms Delphine, will report to the Hypatian Starliner in two weeks time with her appropriate luggage and documents as is customary. This reporter was able to speak with the proud parents for a few minutes soon after the announcement. They were returning from temple, which they attend regularly. They shared their excitement at their daughter’s unexpected opportunity and their gratitude for their many blessings. Their older daughter was just last year accepted into the Pleiades Convent, a remarkable honor for any family.

Inquiries into the next phases of Ms. Delpine’s lottery win have not yet been disclosed, though officials will released detailed reports to the proper offices when deemed appropriate. The family has asked their fellow citizens to respect their privacy at this time. Any wishes of congratulations may be sent to the family via the lottery offices, but officials assure us they are aware of local pride in the win of one of their own. All well-wishes will be recorded, documented, and remembered.

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