Story-a-Day May. The end is near.


I’m back from my trip. I did manage to write a tiny bit every day. The first day (the day I woke at 2:30 am), I wrote an opening scene for a longer story. It would be better if I could have written a complete story, but by 10pm, I didn’t have the energy.

The next day, the day of the funeral, I ended up with some time to myself. But I wasn’t in a good mental space for writing. Nonetheless, I wrote a summary of the story I’d started the day before. The main character is named Berenice, and she wants to communicate with the dead. Perhaps not a surprising topic considering.

Today, I’m home again. Very tired. I did, however, write a bit of Berenice’s backstory. I don’t feel like sharing much of anything though, but in the spirit of the month, here a few lines.

Berenice spent seven years searching for a doorway to the dead. She listened to all manner of ghost stories, dark rumors, and wives tales. Her notebooks bulges with notes and clues while her hands bore evidence of her experiments.
But finally she found a story she believed in.

Certain events in life tend to make us ruminate on our lives. I’m definitely in a sad, weird, unsettled mood.

But in any event, thanks for reading.

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