The 7th Day!


Hello! So, if you’ve been following along, you know that for my alternative universe in my sci-fi fairytale, I’m creating an alternative religion. And most religions, real or otherwise, need origin stories, usually put together in a holy book.

Right now, I’m working on a version of Christianity for this universe. It’s tricky, of course, for all the usual reasons delving into religion can be tricky. But I want this other religion to echo certain stories from the Bible but also be very different as fits the universe I’ve created.

As the stories continue, there may be some inconsistencies. But there are inconsistencies in every belief system I’ve ever encountered in the real world, so perfection is not the goal. And where would the conflict be if it was all clear and consistent? This alternate universe is complex, and people need to be able to interpret the stories differently–just like we do!

So, all that said, here’s today’s writing. Thanks for reading!

The Seven Eves

The God gazed upon the universe, its light and dark, its life forms swimming in its seas and taking to its skies. And the God, being the all powerful, all seeing wonder, pulled and work the strings of matter and atoms to create more life and magic than could ever be known by any other than the God’s own self.

From planet and moon to planet and moon, the God made life and found pleasure in life’s abundance. The God’s all powerful, all seeing gaze came once more to the most blessed moonlit, sun-loved isle, Earth, and the God created a new life to grace its lands.

Hence pulled from atoms and seas, the God made the first Eve and so taken with her ways and ability to understand creation, the God made another and yet another, until there walked upon the Earth seven Eves, sisters, each unique but each aware of the heavens. The Eves were the many shades of Earth and not one knew who had come to creation first nor did one care to know. And the God placed each Eve upon the seven lands of Earth, where they could admire what had been made and add their magic prayers.

The God did linger over Earth and create more life, from blackbirds, to octopi, to men, all companions to the Eves so that they should never know boredom or loneliness. But the God did once visit the seven sisters to bestow upon them wisdom and insight. “I grant you the power to name your world,” the God said to each in turn. “And thou shall always love the heavens. I leave you but one command.”

Each Eve agreed and gave thanks. “Thy command is the beat of my heart,” each thus replied.

“Your story is already written and hidden in the stars,” the God said unto them. “It is not for you to seek or understand. To do so would unravel my work. To do so would be to die.”

The sisters agreed, and though they were far apart from each other, they knew each other’s heart. They all agreed and were truly blessed.

The God, cloaked in the dark between the galaxies, did watch over this creation, from Earth to its distant edge. And it was good.

2 thoughts on “The 7th Day!

    1. Thanks as ever for reading! I really wanted to do something to make God different in my story. I didn’t want to come up with some kind of name, but the article “the” seems to do the trick. I hope so anyway.

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