Six Days In


Resolutions take time to root. Most are caught by prevailing winds and carried off to the horizon, not seen again until perhaps a birthday or the next New Year.

I’ve been thinking about resolutions and the wisdom and foolishness behind them. Obviously, a resolution can be made on any day. There is no cosmic law regarding their creation. Life is short. Don’t wait. Make a resolution any time you wish.

I’ve said I don’t make resolutions because they seemed ridiculous. They seemed like purposely set guilt trip wires, wires we lay for ourselves to knock us flat and keep us flat. You know what I mean. How many resolutions do people keep? Have you ever kept one? Tell me about it, please.

But I’ve decided to embrace the foolishness. It sucks to fail. It sucks to tell people you’re going to do something and then not do it. I’ve read plenty on why this happens–because you shared your goals or because you didn’t. Because you’re this instead of that. Because, because, because…

Nonetheless, I’m going to aim high, hell, I’m just going to aim! And we’ll see where I land.

So I’m aiming at meditation, writing, and art. I have a novel to finish and stories to submit. I’m making spirit boards and learning more about making art. I’m reading Tarot cards and keeping lists. When anything is picked up by that prevailing wind, I’ll run after it and bring it back, even if it takes a while.

I accept that my enthusiasm and determination will wax and wane. It’s part of the process. It’s okay. No one is a machine, after all.

Thanks for being here.
Thanks for reading.


If you ever feel like buying an artist a cup of coffee (or supplies), there’s Ko-Fi.

Or if you’re in the mood for ghost stories, there are Tales to Read by the Fire.

4 thoughts on “Six Days In

  1. Dave Henning

    Two years ago, resolved to exercise every day. I’ve skipped a few (less than ten), always deliberately (for illness, during travel). Still at it!

    Your goals sound a lot harder than mine!. (Perhaps the feeling is mutual?)

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