Story Monster


Sometimes stories feel like monsters. They take on a life of their own and that life is very big.

Some of my Story-a-Day efforts feel more like apparitions, insubstantial, slipping away when I try to get hold of them.

Months from now when I look at these stories again, some will still be thrashing about their multiple tails while others will be nearly invisible wisps of smoke.

In any event, I wrote yesterday and today. Here’s a bit of yesterday’s story.

The passengers had been promised whales, but Sarah Ramone spotted a dragon. “Look!” She pointed out into the ocean at the enormous head splashing back down into the water. Its back curved up like a rising hill, then disappeared. Another piece of the creature emerged and vanished. Finally its tail flipped upward and its size took Sarah’s breath away. A tail like that could smash a ship in an instant.

Sarah tore her gaze away from the foaming ocean surface only to find no one was paying the least bit of attention. Everyone stood at the other railing watching a few dolphins kick up their fins and cause a scene.

A young man was strutting by. He worked for the cruise line, making announcements or some such.

“Hey,” Sarah said. She grabbed his arm. “I saw a dragon.”

The young man frowned. “You mean a whale?”

“A dragon. Out there. In the water.”

He smirked. “Then it’d be a sea monster.”

Sarah rolled her eyes. “Fine. Whatever. I saw it. It could kill us with its tail if it wanted to.”

“Do you think it wants to?” he asked in the tone people reserved for senile grandparents.

“I don’t know what a dra—a sea monster wants. But as big as it was, it probably wants second breakfast.”

He raised an eyebrow. “Second…I see. Well, I’ll tell Gandalf you’ve seen the Balrog and he’ll come take care of it straightaway.”

“That’s rich coming from the guy who thinks he’s a genius for telling me it’s a sea monster not a dragon. You’d never find a Balrog swimming in the ocean. It’s pretty much made of fire.”

The young man shook his head and waved his hands back and forth. “Look, miss. I’ve got work to do.”

Sarah was about to reply when the ship lurched. Everyone on the deck stumbled sideways one way or another. There was a terrible thud and the ship rose out of the water and tilted. People screamed.

The ship jolted. Sarah and the young man fell against the railing. Then came a loud hideous thwack and the ship began to split apart. The young man was the first to plummet into the ocean.


Thanks for reading!

Postscript. Some things.

I’ve donated some art to a fundraiser. It’s for a scholarship to send a deserving writer to Salem to the UnConference. People helped me go to the first ever UnCon and it was life-changing. I hope to pay it forward. You can take a look at the fundraising auction here.

Buy the writer/artist a kofi coffee here.

Finally, I’ve settled on a platform to sell my art for the time being. The site is plain and simple, and it’s called ArtPal.

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