Mad May


Today’s Story-a-Day prompt was for a one-sided conversation. I actually happened to write one earlier, so I went back to a prompt I skipped–a story in a sonnet.

Sonnets are beyond my skillset, but I gave it a try. My iambi pentameter game is weak, y’all, and since trying to have it published anywhere would be silly, I’m going to hoist it on you. You’re welcome!

Today our May did find the Queen’s lost crown
And placed it on her head and then did dance.
She spun with her old broom around and round
Her master screamed, “You’re not the Queen of France!”

Oh, May hooted and laughed and skipped and ran
Leaving her rags and bucket far behind
She could be caught by no woman nor man.
Her master screamed, “Damn girl has her own mind!”

The courtiers rushed to witness the crime,
secretly pleased with this false, child queen.
Other servants thought it rather sublime.
Her master screamed, “Look! See? The girl’s obscene!”

The Queen saw May toss the crown in the air
“That mad girl,” the Queen screamed, “shall be my heir!”


Thanks for reading. Especially during this mad May month. You’re appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Mad May

  1. Dave Henning

    Maybe someone more learned would consider this to be doggerel, but I think it’s a lot of fun.

    Reading this was a great way to start the day! 🙂

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