Dear Llama


Dear Llama,

If you told stories, what stories would you tell? Would llamas write of teen angst, mid-life crises, or trips to other planets? Llamas in space? Llamas in love? The Llama, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? Probably not the wardrobe. More like a barn door or a pasture gate. Actually, no. Why a manmade thing at all? And for all I know, llamas do tell each other stories. They’re just beyond the scope of human imagination.

But I’ve gone far afield from what I meant to say. Let me start again.

Dear Llama,

Do you ever wonder why people tend to neglect their imagination and creativity? What do you think is so hard about making time for making art or writing a story? Or what about those folks rolling their eyes at others’ creative endeavors? Haven’t you heard, Llama, get a job, stop wasting your time, don’t you have anything better to do, or must be nice?

Well, as we talked about already, Story-a-Day is coming. I’ll write some terrible stories again, but I’ll finish up a few gems. Maybe. I hope. But what if I don’t? That’s okay too.

Let me tell you why I sign up for Story-a-Day September, Llama.

It pushes me to get something done. Nothing like a little accountability to motivate. At least for me.
I connect with friends. Challenges are more fun when you know you’re not in it alone. Why else are so many quest stories about fellowships and ragtag crews?
And maybe, just maybe, it inspires someone else. I don’t mean they’ll just join Story-a-Day. I mean, maybe they’ll remember their writing dreams. Maybe they’ll take out that notebook. Maybe they’ll write.

You too, Llama. You too.


Thanks for reading.

2 thoughts on “Dear Llama

  1. TammyB

    Llama, the witch and the wardrobe! That one make me laugh outloud – the llama is so wise. I am so happy he is our friend.

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