These Days Are Strange


I’ve done almost nothing creative for days. I’ve either been working to switch my real life classes to online class or reading about COVID-19 or taking pictures of our dogs or looking at other people’s pictures of dogs. Well, I did build lots of odd, random structures out of Legos.


This is why I dreamed last night of building a Lego wall to keep my pillow from falling off my bed. I thought I was actually awake, and I believed it would solve my pillow problem if I just used Legos. It took me a minute when I woke up this morning to realize that a) I had been dreaming and b) I couldn’t attach Legos to a mattress.

These days are strange.

I’m lucky enough to have a job I can do from home (though I have no idea if I can do it well).

My husband works at a grocery store.

I can’t say I ever thought my husband had a job that put him at risk of anything in the news. But here we are.

When he comes home he takes his work clothes off and throws them in the wash, and he goes straight into the shower. He now has the bedroom and a bathroom all to himself and stays several feet away from us.

I’m doing the cooking. I never do the cooking. 23 years of marriage and he does almost all the cooking. This evening he stood at the edge of the kitchen and walked my son and I through the steps of making spaghetti the way he always makes it.

My dad is 84 and lives in Florida. He does the grocery shopping. He pumps his own gas. He goes to the pharmacy and the drive-thru. He likes staying home away from the world, but there are things to do and his wife’s grandchildren to visit. His wife has all kinds of health problems but still leaves the house. She’s lived in that house since 1986, but she’s still afraid someone will break in and murder her. So when dad leaves the house, so does she.

Don’t we all have people to worry about?

Recently, I learned of the passing of someone who used to read my blog. I didn’t know this person in real life. They stopped commenting a while back, and I wondered about it, but this is such a weird world, this web. It connects us, you to me to someone else, but just like that the connection is lost.

Tomorrow I hope I can find my way back into my writing.

Thanks for reading. Stay home (if you can). Stay safe regardless. Hats off if you’re out there helping the world.

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